Friday, October 14, 2016

Parker Jack Turns ONE!

     I have no idea how our sweet Parks turned ONE in July.  It seems like he should till be our tiny little baby.  Between him, his brothers, and the first quarter of school I am just now finding the time to write about his birthday.  

We decided to have a carnival theme for his party.  His Daddy did a great job helping me decorate and made the cutest food for the party.  He wrapped up cheeseburgers like you'd get at the circus, made corn dogs, and even popcorn.  Parker loved eating little bits of his burger! 
The Big Top!  

Number One cake
 Yummy food that Daddy made.

 Parker did great with his cake!  He enjoyed smashing it and just kept trying to suck the icing off.  He was not happy when we took it away.  He amazed us at how much he was really into everything.  His brothers didn't seem to love their first birthday parties as much.  Parker didn't fuss, get tired, or complain about a thing.  I think he was just so happy to have everyone he loves all together! 

     He even opened his own gifts really well.  Everyone loved spoiling this precious guy! 

     Parker is just the most amazing little person.  Since his first birthday he finally has some teeth.  All four came in right together.  He's been working on his fifth tooth this week.  He started walking just a few weeks after his birthday.  Now he runs everywhere!  He loves to play ball, and wants everyone to read to him all day long.  He keeps Nana and Pawpaw busy during the week with his love of books and trying to climb on everything!  We could not be more honored that God gave us this beautiful little man to complete our family!

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